Take a minute to save your pint and your local pubs

CAMRA's “Stop the beer duty escalator” campaign


Beer tax has increased by a whopping 42% since 2008.

I love a good pint of real ale in one of my local pubs. Not just for the taste of the beer and the atmosphere but it's a wonderful way for me to support small businesses as many pubs now sell ales from local and UK breweries. As a member of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale – definitely worth joining) I often get emails about various campaigns and I wanted to share this one with you. If you enjoy going to your pub for a few drinks (whether it's real ale, cider or anything else), please take a minute to support your pubs in these tough economic times by signing CAMRA's beer tax e-petition and then forwarding the link to the petition to your friends. Why not then celebrate your good deed for the day by nipping up the road to your local and having a pint?

Plea from CAMRA Chairman Colin Valentine – sign the beer tax e-petition today‏

…I’m writing to urge you to take two minutes to sign our e-petition against rises in beer tax to help save your pint and your local pubs.

…we’re fighting the Government’s decision to increase beer tax by 2% above inflation every year. This e-petition is an essential part of CAMRA’s new key campaign, decided by our members, to ‘Stop Tax Killing Beer and Pubs’.

The “beer duty escalator” puts the price of your pub pint up by 5-10p every single year and beer tax has increased by a whopping 42% since 2008. As a result, more than 4,500 pubs have closed in that time.

The e-petition now has the support of over 71,000 people which is fantastic and puts our petition in the top 5 most popular. But we’re running out of time to reach our target of 100,000 signatures and trigger a high profile Parliamentary debate to put pressure on the Government ahead of the 2013 Budget. At this stage every signature really does count so if your signature isn’t one of these 71,000, please sign today!
Support great beer in the great British pub and sign our e-petition now….. British Pubs Need You.

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