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Unpaper kitchen cloths

Want to reduce your use of single-use paper kitchen roll? Unpaper kitchen cloths are washable, reusable and will save you money in the long run. Take a look at these green alternatives to kitchen roll. Greenest alternative to kitchen roll: Unpaper kitchen cloths Kitchen unpaper towels These handmade kitchen unpaper towels are a great replacement …

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Eco-friendly home and garden

An eco-friendly home and garden is easy to achieve in small, manageable steps. You can start with green cleaning using environmentally-friendly products and going plastic-free where possible. Use re-usable products instead of single-use items and don’t flush things down the toilet that don’t belong in our sewers. Popular posts for an eco-friendly home and garden …

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Spring clean eco-friendly home: Cleaning with bicarbonate of soda

If you’re doing a spring clean, try cleaning with bicarbonate of soda as it could replace many of your cleaning products. It’s a cheap, non-toxic, safe and easy-to-use product which is why you should consider using bicarbonate of soda for cleaning. It’s also incredibly versatile which makes it my favourite green and eco-friendly cleaning product. …

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